What You Should Know About Early-Onset Alzheimer’s   Recently updated !

January 13, 2015 | By Amanda MacMillan Julianne Moore won a Golden Globe Sunday for her portrayal of an early-onset Alzheimer’s patient in the film Still Alice. Moore’s character, Alice Howland, is just 50 when she is diagnosed, and the movie follows her and her family’s struggle to cope as her memory and mental state decline. But what […]


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Raising Healthy Kids

By raising children to be healthy, a parent sets a precedent for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can last the rest of their child’s life. Keeping healthy foods in your household and turning those foods into snacks are great ways to instill nutrition as a regular part of a child’s life. Giving kids an active […]

Why reading fiction makes you a better person

Reading novels has all kinds of benefits for the mind — and maybe even the spirit. Ask any reader who their favorite fictional character in a novel is and you’ll likely get a detailed explanation about what they admire about a beloved protagonist. It might even sound like they’re talking about a person they know — and […]

Reading about characters in fiction affects our brains and how we respond to real people. (Photo: Balazs Kovacs Images/Shutterstock)

Spring Bouquet Don M Media

Hospice Bouquet Sale Invites Help From Area Businesses

Staff and volunteers from the Niagara Hospice Alliance are kicking the snow off their boots and gearing up for the 2015 Spring Bouquet Sale. The sale will run March 2nd through March 8th with pre-sale bouquets being ordered now and throughout the month of February. Niagara Hospice volunteer Don Meidel says: “This is a brutally […]

‘Share A Little Shade’ contest opens at the Buffalo Auto Show

BUFFALO— While roaming the halls of this weekend’s Buffalo Auto Show, make sure to “spot” the Towne MINI giraffe-wrapped MINI Cooper. Did you know, just like human fingerprints, a giraffe’s coat pattern is unique to that individual? Not only can you see this fun, giraffe-themed, new four-door MINI in person, you can also purchase raffle […]


Photo: Pill Terminator

A safe way to dispose of unwanted pills at home

When there’s no take back program for unneeded or expired medications, the Pill Terminator makes them unpalatable to people and animals. There’s a National Take Back day each year when people can turn in unneeded or expired prescription medications to local drug enforcement agents. Disposing of medication this way is the most effective method to keep people […]

Exercise as effective as drugs in treating cardiovascular disease, study finds

Heart disease researchers say that exercise is so effective that it should be included as a comparison when new drugs are being developed and tested. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer across the globe, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It take the lives of some 17 million people a year, a number […]

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Who really needs a daily dose of aspirin?

    Researchers find that more than 10 percent of patients may be taking aspirin unnecessarily. Read more: http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/blogs/who-really-needs-a-daily-dose-of-aspirin#ixzz3QDBvW76m More than 10 percent of patients who take low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attack or stroke may not need it. In some cases, it may even do some harm. In a new study published in the […]

The home of tomorrow will run on direct current

  In fact, the home of today primarily runs on DC. We just have all this AC stuff running between it. Poor Topsy. Thomas Edison killed the circus elephant, electrocuting the animal to demonstrate how dangerous alternating current was. Edison even described electrocution as being “Westinghoused,” after the company promoting AC. It was the apex […]

Just toss the solar panels on your roof and the electric car in the garage into the mix, then you're living in a DC world without any reason to use AC at all — living on your own little micro-grid where you generate your own electricity and store it in your car. The net-zero energy home of the future will run on DC, and we might all be driving Edisons instead of Teslas.

Zolushka examines a camera trap in the Bastak nature reserve on March 31, 2014. (Photo: Wildlife Conservation Society)

‘Cinderella’ tiger orphan returns to wild, meets prince

Three years ago, an endangered Amur tiger orphan was rescued in eastern Russia. Named ‘Zolushka,’ Russian for Cinderella, she’s now back in the wild — and with a beau, raising hopes for her kind. Amur tigers have spent nearly a century clawing back from the brink of extinction, growing from as few as 20 cats in […]